Using an Airlock System to make Sauerkraut, Pickles and other Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Foods such as fermented vegetables (e.g. sauerkraut, pickles, etc.) are so good for us but I have such a hard time making them.  It’s not that adding salt (or whey) to vegetables is hard, it’s getting together the right container, figuring out a way to weight down the veggies and battling mold that drives me nuts!

But I have a solution!  We now carry Fermented Vegetable Masters, a glass jar equipped with an airlock system.  The air lock allow the gas created during the fermentation process to escape while keeping out air and unwanted bad bacteria.  Now I just prepare my vegetables, put them in the jar, let them ferment and when it’s done, put the fermented vegetables in a jar in the fridge.  So easy!  No rock to find (if you’ve read Wild Fermentation, you know what I’m talking about) or a plastic bag filled with water to weigh down the veggies.  Now making sauerkraut, pickles and my personal favorite, fermented green beans, is easy!

Click here to check out our Fermented Vegetable Masters, both gallon and half-gallon sizes are available.  We also carry just half-gallon wide mouth jar lids equipped with airlocks.  This is a great choice for your own wide mouth canning jars.  Of course don’t forget to check out the best book on vegetable fermentation: Wild Fermentation.  Sandor Katz is amazing and an inspiration!


3 comments so far

  1. Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen on

    Excellent! We LOVE those systems. I have sauerkraut in a similar crock and sour pickles in another. I’ve never had a bad batch.

  2. Deb on

    I have a question about using the airlock (that I recently purchased)–should the liquid level in the jar be all the way to the top of the lid so there is no air in the jar? Thanks

  3. admin on

    I normally leave about an inch gap from the top when I fill my jars. The gas produced by the fermenting vegetables should push out any air through the airlock but new air won’t be able to get back in.


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